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About Us

Umberto Astarita, was born in Sorrento in 1966 and since very young he showed a love for arts subjects.
Photography is his real passion,with an interest in the surrounding reality, that is of a details or of a facial expression, of a person or of a feeling, everything gets his attention to catch that special moment and to immortalize it in a photo shot.
Its an art that has been breathe within the family since his childhood and his parents nurtured thanks for the gift of his first camera which with it he managed to give life to his professional activity.
His first professional reflex comes later on,a Nikon4 were his father becomes the carer of his professional equipments.
A passion that started early and developed within the family with his sister and her husband whom already were on the photograph path.
In 1986 after his artistic diploma,Umberto moves to Milan,were he gets involved with agency Angeretti moda and advertising.
Its a unique experience that allows him to perform important jobs for a variety of advertising companies.
After his diploma of photography taken at I.E.D. in Rome ( a highly important school of photography in Italy) , he starts his professional photography career. Then in october 1999 we are painting, we paint the Regina Giovanna, and immediately after comes the gallery on the occasion of the first national conference on landscaping . successively obtains the diploma of photoediting from the experimental centre of photo Adams in Rome.
Umberto Astarita had the honour to be lucky to going from the traditional photography to the digital photography,both in relation to photo editing and to electronic elaboration of the picture.
He has managed to experiment a variety of techniques including the digital elaborations and is the one that made him big in the photographic career.
But the digital Arte seems cold and without expressions and Umberto needs to give the subjects life and vitality, actions and feelings,so as an expert of Photoshop ( been using it for the past 25 years from the start of sales in 1986 on AppleII) he then acquire during the years a great experience in the elaborations on digital pictures and even if of great knowledge of photo editing ,he uses the latter only when under request or to optimising times and modalities.
His experience,of many years of work throughout Italy ,took him to catch the moment and not the statics of a pose.Umberto does not take a shoot, he instead paint the moment,stop the actions,he waits and manages to catch the best part of an expression and only because he recognise the natural looks in an individual.
He is also very careful to feel the emotions and manages to catch a smile,a giggle,a funny face or a nose scrunching.
The camera becomes a tool to trap the souls of individuals,then to transfer on a painting the individuality that can't be compared to a unnatural and edited pose .
The photography of Umberto is life,passion,art.
Art is his painting,his colours on a canvas. A true artist,sensitive and caring.
In his shoots you can't detect any cold or a series of pictures,but each one can talk and move and can recall about the individual and especially each photo can bring emotions to the surface.


Sorrento, Corso Italia 320 (Napoli) - Italy
Phone: +39 346.6111136
Email: astarita_umberto@hotmail.com